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Waste Reduction

ACCO Brands is committed to reducing the waste it produces and the amount of material going into landfills. The company’s ASPIRE program emphasizes LEAN production and sites are committed to manufacturing products with as little waste as possible. 

  • All locations recycle as many waste materials as they can. For example, our Booneville, Mississippi, location recycles about 336,000 pounds of paperboard each year.

  • The Alexandria, Pennsylvania, location implemented a paper roll core recycling program which saves 95 tons from going to the landfill each year. The site has decreased the percent of waste generated from 8.05 percent in 2008 to 5.59 percent in 2015.

  • Our Tilibra plant diverts 90 percent of its waste from the landfill by sending it to recyclers, incinerators, or co-processing plants. Only waste from the cafeteria and restrooms goes to the landfill.

  • The Ontario, California, plant removed all paper towels from its facility and now uses hand dryers.

  • ACCO Brands Europe actively segregates waste and recycles the following items: paperboard, paper, wood, metal, plastic, and electrical materials. The locations recycle more than 900 tons of material each year.

  • The Sidney, New York, location reduced its number of compactor cans going to the landfill from about 40 cans per year to 12 cans per year. The site has maintained this figure for the last four years and recycles everything except food waste and restroom garbage. 

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