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Reduced Packaging

ACCO Brands is committed to reduce the impact its packaging has on the environment. Our current goals are to reduce the amount of material in our packaging, eliminate the use of expanded polystyrene and PVC where possible, and continue to meet all packaging compliance needs.

  • We reduced the amount of material used in packaging envelopes. Box sizes were reduced in depth up to .5” per box.

  • We reduced the size of manuals to save paper by increasing the use of icons to eliminate translated text.

  • We eliminated the outer packaging for laminating rolls to reduce the amount of paperboard used.

  • We completed several actions to improve packaging for staplers and punches. This included eliminating bags around some of the products and the use of Styrofoam to consolidate outer packaging and reduce the use of display trays.

  • ACCO Brands Europe is part of the Valpak packaging initiative and is constantly reviewing ways to reduce and improve packaging used for pencil products. 

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