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What we do:

All we do is win, win, win. The marketing “collaboration is our middle name” group has the unique honor of keeping ACCO Brands and its products on top of the marketplace. To do that, this team is in constant communication with other departments to keep projects running smoothly from all directions. In between meetings, you might find marketing team members putting together product specs and cost estimate requests, meeting with creative to review design direction, writing copy, or brainstorming innovative ideas for our customers.

We live for : Open communication, accountability, and idea-sharing.

What some of our Marketing team members say:

“We would all agree that the best part of our job is seeing an idea go from a high-level concept to a beautifully executed product–especially when we get to see that product on shelf.” -- Product Manager

“The best thing about working in my department is the people. Our group knows how to work hard, but we also know how to have fun.” --Marketing Manager 

Marketing positions include: 

Business Intelligence


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