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What we do:

This is the dream team you’ll find designing the next great campaign, creating impactful visuals, meeting with clients, sketching out conceptual designs, directing photo shoots, whipping up new packaging comps...but mostly, they solve problems with STYLE!

What one of our Creative team members said:

“We are all open-minded, and brainstorm sessions are incredibly fun. You never know where we are going to end up--it will always have multiple outcomes (typically sarcastic, funny, serious and a fine mix of the three). That’s creativity for you!” -- Art Director

The essential 9-5 Creative department playlist:

9 a.m.   “The Star Wars Theme Song,” As performed by Bill Murray on “SNL” in 1978
10 a.m. “Eye of the Tiger,” Survivor
11 a.m. “She Watch Channel Zero,” Public Enemy
12 p.m. “Any Way You Want It,” Journey
1 p.m.   “Under Pressure,” Queen/David Bowie
2 p.m.   ”Everlong” Foo Fighters
3 p.m.   “Something to Believe In,” Young the Giant
4 p.m.   “Handlebars,” Flobots
5 p.m.   “Where Is My Mind?” Pixies

Creative positions include:

Graphic Design
Art Director
Web Designer
Senior Graphic Designer
Graphic Designer
Junior Designer
Photographer / Video



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