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Conserving Water Resources

Reducing water consumption is an important concern at ACCO Brands.

  • In a number of locations, the company has installed low-flow toilets and faucets.  The facilities have also started to incorporate auto on/off features to decrease water usage. 
  • The ACCO Brands Canadian facility in Mississauga, Ontario, designed its parking lot to prevent storm water from entering a conservation area.  It has extra storm drains, islands to block storm flooding and added brick work to help with drainage.
  • The Ontario, California, facility switched the rear of its facility’s lot to a desert landscape.  This design reduced the amount of water used, as the facility no longer needs to water outdoor vegetation.  Reclaimed water is used for landscaping in front of the building. 
  • Derwent Manufacturing in the UK installed a rain water capture system for grey water, which is now used for the toilet system.  This has improved the site’s storm water management and reduced the amount of water it consumes.
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