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Reducing Packaging

Where possible, we strive to reduce packaging.  

ACCO Brands is committed to reducing the impact of its packaging on the environment.  Our current goals are to reduce the amount of material in our packaging, eliminate the use of expanded polystyrene and PVC where possible, and continue to meet all packaging compliance needs.

  • The packaging for the Quartet brand’s Infinity line of glass dry erase boards was redesigned to improve performance of the packaging while reducing the environmental impact.  The new packaging used on some of Quartet’s smaller glass boards has 79 percent internal parts than the original version.  The new packaging used on some of the larger glass boards has 61 percent fewer internal parts than the original version. 
  • In the packaging for the New Nexxt range of Leitz brand staplers and punches, we have removed the PET “window” on the standard boxes.  The boxes are now 100 percent paper-based and made of approximately 90 percent recycled fibers.  By removing the window, approximately 10 tons of plastic is saved.  Some retailers require a plastic clam pack.  This makes up less than 5 percent of total sales and the pack has been switched from PVC to PET.
  • ACCO Brands Australia was awarded the Australian Packaging Covenant Organization (APCO) Homewares Sector Award in 2018 for high performance in meeting requirements of environmental packaging legislation, and its commitment to the environment through sustainable packaging design, recycling efforts and waste-to-landfill reduction.
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