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Transportation Efficiency

Fleet efficiency is an area ACCO Brands monitors on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.

Improving fleet efficiency is important to ACCO Brands and several initiatives have reduced the impact vehicles we use in conducting our business have on the environment.

  • A driver incentive program was implemented.  A goal is set for fuel consumption and if the driver meets the goal, they receive a monetary bonus every six months.  The program helps the company reduce its overall fuel consumption by motivating drivers to monitor their fuel consumption.
  • Company representatives worked with drivers to decrease their idle time, since a truck can burn at least one gallon of diesel fuel during each idle hour.  When this program began, overall average idle time was about 8 percent of total operating hours per month.  A recent measurement showed idle time had dropped to 5.21 percent.
  • ACCO Brands tracks out-of-route miles to ensure we use the most effective routes to deliver our products.  Currently, our drivers travel less than 1 percent out-of-route miles each month.
  • ACCO Brands also tracks empty miles to ensure our trucks are full when on the road.  Additionally, processes have been put in place to lower the number of miles trucks travel when empty.  The goal is to keep trucks filled and hauling freight at all times.
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