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Our Leadership

Our leaders advance the best interests of ACCO Brands and enable our employees and our company to grow and succeed.


Boris Elisman
Chairman, President and
Chief Executive Officer


Patrick Buchenroth
Executive Vice President and President, ACCO Brands International

Neal V. Fenwick
Executive Vice President and
Chief Financial Officer

Cezary L. Monko
Executive Vice President and President, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Thomas W. Tedford
Executive Vice President and President, ACCO Brands North America


Mark C.Anderson
Senior Vice President, 
Corporate Development


Jagannath Bobji
Senior Vice President,
Global Planning and Financial Analysis, and Treasurer

Stephen J. Byers
Senior Vice President,
Chief Information Officer


Ralph Hargrow
Senior Vice President, 
Global Chief People Officer


Kathy Hood
Senior Vice President,
Chief Accounting Officer

Greg McCormack
Senior Vice President, 
Global Products and Operations

Neil McLachlan
Senior Vice President, 
Strategic Initiatives

Pamela R. Schneider
Senior Vice President, 
General Counsel and Corporate Secretary



Kelli Widdifield
Vice President, 
Premium Products Group



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