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Our corporate responsibility extends beyond the walls of our businesses – we behave responsibly when we engage with the communities where we live and work on behalf of the company.

Purpose, Mission and Values

Our reputation is a valuable asset.  Making business decisions that align with our vision, values and leadership promise and are consistent with our ACCO Brands Code of Conduct will help us remain the HOME OF GREAT BRANDS BUILT BY GREAT PEOPLE.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to being responsible local and corporate citizens. Our ethical vision extends beyond compliance and builds on a fundamental commitment to integrity, embracing diversity, teamwork, respect and acting as a responsible partner in our global community.

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Environmental Responsibility 

ACCO Brands’ commitment to environmental sustainability is a driving force behind our products and processes and reflects a company built on integrity, accountability and stewardship.

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Product Safety and Compliance

ACCO Brands manufactures, distributes, imports and sells our products with our customers in mind and is dedicated to always making their safety our priority.

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One of ACCO Brands’ core values is acting responsibly in our global community.  We believe that doing well as a business goes hand-in-hand with being good citizens.  This commitment will help us grow consumer loyalty, attract the best employees, and create goodwill and support for our business in locations where we operate.  Our initiatives are global in scope and include social, environmental, employment, governance and charitable programs that benefit our employees, shareholders, customers and communities where we do business.  

Please read about some of the ways we have attempted to achieve that commitment.

ACCO Brands Environmental, Social and Governance Report 2018

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ACCO Brands EMEA Sustainability Development 2018 Report

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Our Commitment to Shareholder Value

ACCO Brands Corporation is committed to delivering long-term value to our shareholders. The power of our brands, our unmatched global customer reach, and our strategic and market strengths put us in a strong position to achieve this goal. Going forward, we are committed to solidifying our industry and market leadership while building enhanced shareholder value through steady growth in our sales, operating income and earnings per share.
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