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Product Safety and Compliance

ACCO Brands is committed to providing our customers with safe products that meet or exceed their expectations for quality and safety, designed to comply with all statutory standards and regulations. We have robust policies and programs that deter, detect and prevent non-compliant products from shipping to our customers. 

Our Restricted Substances List (RSL) sets the expectations for our product suppliers and raw materials vendors regarding the use of chemicals in our products and is enforced through our business agreements. It protects consumers, employees and the environment, and enables production of safe and legally compliant finished products.

ACCO Brands Restricted Substances List Revision 4

English: ACCO Brands RSL Revision 4

Chinese Simplified: ACCO Brands 限用物质清单修订 4

Chinese Traditional: ACCO Brands 限用物質清單修訂版 4

Portuguese: Revisão 4 da Lista de Substâncias Restritas da ACCO Brands

Spanish: Revisión 4 de la lista de sustancias restringidas de ACCO Brands

Czech: Seznam látek podléhajících omezení společnosti ACCO Revize 4

Dutch: ACCO Brands - Lijst van beperkte stoffen Revisie 4

French: Liste ACCO Brands des substances d’usage restreint révision 4

German: ACCO Brands Liste der eingeschränkten Stoffe Revision der ACCO-Markenliste 4

Italian: Elenco di sostanze soggette a restrizioni di ACCO Revisione 4

Japanese: ACCO Brands 規制物質リスト 改訂4

Polish: Wykaz substancji objętych ograniczeniem ACCO Brands, Aktualizacja 4

Russian: Список регламентированных веществ ACCO Brands, редакция 4

Swedish: ACCO Brands förteckning över ämnen som omfattas av begränsningar Revision 4

Turkish: ACCO Brands Kısıtlı Maddeler Listesi Revizyon 4


For questions regarding Global Product Compliance, send a message to the team at