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ACCO Brands Chile Partnered with IFF América de Fondacio to Support Back-to-school Event

On March 21, ACCO Brands Chile - Tilibra collaborated with IFF America Institute to sponsor their “Back to School Sponsors” event at Los Almendros Event Center for Children & Adults. It was a day full of creativity and happiness.

The sponsorship event is an opportunity for community members to supply local children with back-to-school kits from Tilibra. The sponsors have a chance to meet the children they have provided for and spend the afternoon participating in fun activities to spark deeper connections.

The day started with introductions between the sponsors and the children and after some games, participants headed inside the center to begin a craft activity. There, everyone shared more about the educational experiences of sponsors and children. The children drew and the sponsors gave them advice on how to have an excellent school year.

The day was marked by many emotions and wrapped up with the children receiving their gifts. Tilibra and ACCO Brands is proud to assist in community events like this, which help to not only prepare our youth for a brighter future but strengthens the bonds within the communities we serve.