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ACCO Brands EMEA EcoVadis Bronze Medal Reconfirmed with Greatly Improved Rating

ACCO Brands EMEA was assessed by EcoVadis, the world’s largest and most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, for the second time. EMEA is immensely proud to announce that we have greatly improved since the last assessment and have brought ACCO Brands from being in the top 50% to the top 24% of companies in the industry (manufacture of other articles of paper and paperboard)! This means that EMEA now holds the prestigious 2024 EcoVadis Bronze Medal! The Bronze Medal is only awarded to the top 35% companies. 

The EcoVadis sustainability assessment is built on international sustainability standards, including the Global Reporting Initiative, the United Nations Global Impact, and the ISO 26000, which covers 220+ spend categories and 180+ countries. The Sustainability Scorecard that the ranking is based on reflects an evaluation of how well a company has integrated the principles of sustainability/CSR into their business and management systems.  

ACCO Brands scored particularly well on environmental topics, placing in the top 9% of companies. We also did well on sustainable procurement, placing in the top 8% of companies in the industry! This is a massive win for the EMEA team, who have worked hard to push sustainable and environmentally conscious practices.