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ACCO Brands Named Valedictorian by Charitable Partner

5 Kettering employees with Steve from Crayons to ClassroomsThe ACCO Brands Kettering, Ohio, location has been a long-time partner of Dayton Crayons to Classrooms (DC2C) - an organization that provides school supplies to students, teachers and schools at no cost to ensure every student has the tools for success.

“Our partnership with ACCO Brands goes all the way back to before we were incorporated as a nonprofit organization in 2008,” said Steve Rubenstein, Executive Director of Crayons to Classrooms. “ACCO Brands was at the table when various community partners started talking about setting up a teacher-free store in Dayton, Ohio. Since that time, we have been fortunate to have had ACCO Brands leadership represented on our Board of Directors; received hundreds of thousands of dollars in financial and gift in-kind donations; and had countless hours of volunteer support. ACCO Brands is truly a one-of-a-kind partner,” added Steve.

Inside store of Crayons to ClassroomsEach summer, Crayons to Classrooms partners with the community to host hundreds of school supply drives and equip students in need. This year’s event was the organization’s largest supply drive to date, with ACCO Brands being recognized as a Valedictorian for making a sizable donation of products. These donations helped fill the shelves of the Teacher Resource Center at DC2C, which provides local teachers with resources for their students as they start the school year. 

Throughout the 2021 back-to-school season, approximately 386 teachers visited DC2C and received a total of $793,790 in free school supplies for their classrooms. Cyndi Parsons, a Dayton Public Schools teacher, recently shared, “I want to thank Crayons to Classrooms for the incredible number of resources and support that you've given me, and all the other teachers at Dayton Public Schools. We received much-needed supplies, in addition to fun visuals and activities for our students. Lugging the bags back to my classroom the next morning and sharing supplies with my students helped me get my focus back on the students and their needs, and away from the stress and pressure of teaching.”

Inside Crayons to Classrooms storeThank you to our Kettering employees for their continued support of Dayton Crayons to Classrooms, an organization that shares our commitment to education and academic success.

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