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Promoting Environmental Wellness in Times of Uncertainty with TruSens™

Woman beside TruSens air purifier holding HEPA filterAmid the COVID-19 outbreak, many have adjusted to remote work, education and entertainment, forcing them to spend more time indoors than ever before.  With all this time being spent indoors, TruSens, a brand of air purifiers designed to improve indoor air quality, is focusing on environmental wellness by purifying the air you and your family are breathing. Since the air inside a home is contained for security and climate reasons, an air purifier provides a solution to help reduce indoor airborne pollutants.

TruSens air purifiers come in three sizes: small, medium and large, to cover different room sizes in your living space and have differentiating features from competitors, one being PureDirect Technology. PureDirect Technology utilizes bidirectional airflow, which has been proven to be up to 24% more efficient than traditional air purifiers with vertical stream. Cleaner air, distributed by way of PureDirect Technology, is made possible with multiple layers of filtration, including 360º DuPont HEPA filters to capture air pollutants in all directions. Finally, the UV-C light kills germs and bacteria trapped in the filter.

Air purification can be further customized using the following specialty filters.

  • Allergy and Flu Anti-viral True HEPA Filter: Captures 99% of airborne allergens and viruses, including the H1N1 virus;
  • Pet True HEPA Filter: Captures up to 99.97% of pet dander and eliminates common pet odors with special washable cotton pre-filter; and
  • Odor True HEPA Filter: Eliminates cooking and cleaning odors and reduces Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) with high-performance carbon pellets.

little boy playing in his room with trusens air purifier in the corner

To further differentiate the product line from competitors’, the TruSens team combined exceptional functionality with a contemporary, minimalist design for an air purifier that effectively helps reduce airborne pollutants in the surrounding area and blends seamlessly into any indoor environment. This functionality combines the use of the air purifier itself and the SensorPod air quality monitor. Placed across the room, SensorPod communicates to the purifier so it can adjust fan speed, as needed. The SensorPod is available only with the Z-2000, Z-3000, Z-2500, and Z-3500 TruSens air purifiers.

Two new air purifiers have recently been added to TruSens’ portfolio that are Wi-Fi® enabled, keeping customers in complete control with the TruSens App and Alexa device compatible voice commands.  The TruSens Smart air purifiers include an enhanced SensorPod with a sleek new look that can measure particulate matter as small as PM1.0 that can be inhaled and get into your lungs. It also detects smoke, bacteria and viruses, as well as certain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), such as formaldehyde and paint fumes.

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