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ACCO Brands (the “Company”, “we”, or “us”) owns, licenses, and/or operates certain websites (each a “Site”) that may, from time to time, display live or prerecorded videos or similar audio visual materials (“Videos”). By requesting access to, or otherwise accessing, any such Video(s), you hereby acknowledge, agree, and consent to the following:


We shall, through the use of cookies and similar online tracking technologies, collect personal information with respect to you requesting access to, and/or accessing, Videos, and such personal information may include (i) identifiers that can be used to recognize you or the device you use to access our Site, over time and across different services, such as a device identifier, an IP address, mobile ad identifiers, and similar data, (ii) the Video(s) you accessed or to which you requested access, and the nature, scope, and duration of such access, and (iii) identifiers associated with your social media account, or similar online accounts.


We may, in our sole discretion, disclose personal information that we collect from you with respect to you requesting access to, and/or accessing, Videos to our partners, affiliates, and service providers, such as social media partners, to assist with the operability and functionality of our Site, to help us assess and improve our Site, products, and services, and to facilitate or assist with our marketing and advertising campaigns.

Withdrawal of Consent

You acknowledge and agree that you may prevent us from collecting and disclosing personal information from you with respect to you requesting access to, and/or accessing, Videos (i) by changing your browser settings in accordance with the instructions set forth in our website Privacy Notice and/or Cookie Notice, or (ii) by adjusting your privacy settings in our cookie management tool. These options will prevent the deployment of cookies and similar online tracking technologies that may be used to collect, process, and disclose your personal information in connection with the Videos you are requesting access to or otherwise accessing.