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Your privacy is important to the Company.  Throughout the course of your employment with the Company, the Company needs to collect personal data from you and about you.  The type of information that may be collected includes (but is not limited to):

  • Recruitment, engagement or training records;
  • Information regarding termination;
  • Terms and conditions of employment;
  • Personal and emergency contact details;
  • Performance, conduct and disciplinary records;
  • Remuneration details, bonus and share plan information;
  • Membership of professional associations or trade unions;
  • Leave records (including annual leave, sick leave and maternity leave);
  • Taxation, banking and mandatory provident fund details;
  • Health and safety information;
  • Any other information that you provide to the Company.

The purposes for which the Company collects this data is for use concerning your employment or working relationship with the Company and for various business, marketing, human resources and management purposes. 

The Company from time to time transfers your personal data to the following classes of persons:

  • a company which is a “Subsidiary” or which forms part of the same “Group of Companies” (as defined in the Companies Ordinance) or is affiliated with or related to the Company;
  • the Company’s insurers, banks, and other professional advisers;
  • medical practitioners appointed by the Company;
  • administrator of the Company’s mandatory provident fund scheme;
  • outside parties involved in a merger, acquisition or due diligence exercise;
  • companies the Company engages to perform the functions listed above on the Company’s behalf; and
  • anyone you authorise.

Your personal data may be transferred within Hong Kong, and to locations outside Hong Kong.  If you do not provide complete and accurate personal data to the Company as and when it is required, there may be potentially serious consequences for you and, depending on the circumstances, your future employment relationship with the Company.  It is the Company’s policy to retain certain personal data of employees when they cease to be employed. This data may be required for any residual employment-related activities, including for example, provision of references, processing of applications for re-employment, matters relating to retirement benefits and allowing the Company to fulfil any of the Company’s contractual or statutory obligations.

To the extent applicable law allows, you may request access to, and correction of, your personal data in relation to your employment. For any further information, please contact the Human Resources Department.

You shall notify the Company without delay of any changes in your personal data including any change of residential address.