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United States HR Privacy Notice


ACCO Brands Corporation, including its affiliates (collectively, “ACCO Brands,” “we,” “us,” or “our company”), is committed to protecting the privacy of potential employees, existing employees, as well as contractors working on behalf of our company.

  • What does this notice cover?
  • What information do we collect?
  • From what sources do we collect information?
  • How do we use your information?
  • With whom do we share information?
  • Whom do I contact with any questions or concerns about this notice or my personal information?
What does this notice cover? Chevron Icon

This notice describes how we collect and use your personal information as part of your recruitment, employment, or contracting relationship with our company.

What information do we collect? Chevron Icon

We will collect and use the following personal information:

  • Personal Details – your name, maiden name, date of birth, gender, ethnicity, veteran status, home address, personal email address, personal phone number, emergency contact details, marital status, family member information, social security number, citizenship and immigration status (to verify your right to work and to support visa, work permit, green card, and tax filings), and copies of identity documentation;
  • Pre-Employment Details – curriculum vitae, résumé, job title, professional experience, past employment history, education, professional certifications, background check results, statements from references, and past address history;
  • Employment Details – hire date, employee ID, payroll number, work phone, work email, work mailing address, exempt status, union enrollment, travel preferences, details of manager and functional area, benefits, pay grades, employment status, employment category, performance history, training records, assessment results, information regarding skills and development, career plans, records of disciplinary action, internal investigation records, reports of potential or suspected misconduct, and termination date and reason;
  • Financial Information – salary, incentives, benefits, bank account routing and account number, expense records, beneficiaries’ details in relation to insurance or other benefits, and any other information needed for payment and taxation purposes;
  • Health Information – medical certification, medical leave information, work-related injuries and illnesses, medical treatment information, work restrictions, independent medical exam information, pregnancy status, any required reasonable accommodations, health insurance coverage, information you voluntarily share with us, and any other relevant information needed to provide benefits or protections (subject to any necessary consents or releases);
  • Computer and Network Information – computer and network credentials, electronic communications, firewall logs, and system use and access data; and
  • Photography and Video – photos for ID badges, closed circuit television recordings, photos and videos from events, social media information, any other photos or video that are shared with ACCO Brands (subject to any necessary consents or releases).
From what sources do we collect information? Chevron Icon

We collect personal information from you directly as well as from various other sources.  For example, we also collect publicly available information, such as job-relevant recruiting information on career builder websites and social media platforms. We also use third parties, such as recruiting agencies, to gather personal information on our behalf for the purposes listed below in the “How do we use this information?” section.

How do we use your information? Chevron Icon

We use your personal information for the purposes described below:

  • Managing Your Employment/Contracting Relationship – We use personal information to comply with our responsibilities to those who work for us or on our behalf. This includes recruiting, hiring, timekeeping, payroll, administration of benefits, managing absence and leave, compensation, performance and talent management, succession and career planning, training, career and leadership development, diversity metrics, award recognition, conducting employee surveys, conducting investigations and taking disciplinary action, providing retirement and stock benefits, expense management, professional travel, and termination.
  • Operation of Business – To effectively and efficiently manage our business, we use personal information for a variety of purposes.  This includes providing access to our offices, managing our IT systems and infrastructure, creating company directories, providing communication services such as e-mail, telephone, and internet access, communicating with employees, hosting social and cultural events, promoting our business, executing agreements and legal documents, and managing our supplier, vendor, customer, and consumer relationships. We also use personal information in connection with planning, budgeting, calibration, headcount, and database administration.
  • Providing Security and Safety – Personal information is used to protect the security of people, premises, assets, systems, and intellectual property. This includes monitoring our systems for malicious activity, security breaches, or fraud. It also includes the use of closed-circuit television and ID badges to limit access to our facilities. Finally, it includes various occupational health and safety processes, such as ensuring employees receive medical attention for work injuries, handling workers’ compensation, and respecting any medically required work restrictions.
  • Protecting Legal Interests – We use personal information to protect our legal interests, including in connection with defending or pursuing legal claims.  We also use information to comply with applicable laws, rules, and regulations, such as public company reporting requirements.  Further, we use personal information to manage our company’s compliance programs, such as preventing and investigating fraud, other crimes, or employee misconduct.
With whom do we share information? Chevron Icon

ACCO Brands respects the privacy of its potential employees, existing employees, and contractors.  It only shares information with those inside the company that have a reason to know the information.  It does not sell personal information to other third parties for their own use. 

ACCO Brands does share your personal information with its affiliates around the world and may also share it with the following third parties:

  • IT service providers, such as providers of email, cloud storage, and software development;
  • payroll service providers;
  • travel agencies and travel service providers;
  • medical service providers, doctors, and third-party administrators for workers’ compensation claims;
  • recruiters, social media platforms, and career websites;
  • insurance and benefit providers;
  • auditors, accountants, and actuaries;
  • banks, credit card companies, payment service providers, financial brokers, and electronic stock trading platforms;
  • training, survey, and assessment providers;
  • attorneys, consultants, and investigators;
  • local, state, federal, or other government authorities or law enforcement officials;
  • a potential purchaser of our business, including the potential purchaser’s consultants, attorneys, or financial advisers; and
  • other individuals, organizations, or associations as appropriate in furtherance of the interests of employees, contractors, or ACCO Brands.
Whom do I contact with any questions or concerns about this notice or my personal information? Chevron Icon

If you have any concerns about this notice or your personal information, we recommend you contact your local Human Resources representative.  You can also reach out to or contact the Legal and Compliance Department with questions at any time.

Effective Date: December 31, 2019