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Whistleblower Protections

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ACCO Brands strongly encourages all employees, candidates, former employees, and third parties to speak up if they encounter any potential or suspected misconduct in connection with ACCO Brands’ business.  This includes any violations of the ACCO Brands Code of Conduct, ACCO Brands policies, or any applicable law or regulation.   

Individuals can speak up through multiple channels, including: 

  • The employee’s manager (for ACCO Brands employees), 
  • Another manager the employee trusts (for ACCO Brands employees), 
  • The ACCO Brands Human Resources Department (for ACCO Brands employees), 
  • The ACCO Brands Legal and Compliance Department (, or  
  • ACCOethics 

ACCOethics is a confidential hotline that anyone, anywhere in the world, can contact at any time, either by phone or the internet.  If you prefer, you may remain anonymous, where permitted by local law.  ACCOethics can be accessed directly at or via the local phone numbers listed on    

The local phone numbers for all countries in which ACCO Brands operates are listed on page 64 of the ACCO Brands Code of Conduct. 

ACCO Brands strictly prohibits retaliation against anyone speaking up or reporting concerns in good faith. 


European Union

ACCO Brands accepts reports of all potential or suspected misconduct, including violations covered by Directive (EU) 2019/1937 (the “Directive”) and Member State laws implementing the Directive.